ยี่ห้อ : PROEL

Tech Description :

• Power Supply : 110 V-240 V/50 Hz~60 Hz

• Consumption Rating : 200 W

• Charge Quantity : 16

• MAX Charging Current of Each Unit : 700 mA

• Charging Time : About 8~10 hours

• Charging Status : Red LED flashing – Charging, Green LED – Full Charged

• Operating Temperature Range : 0° – 40°C

• Dimensions : H 175 x L 620 x W 370 mm

• Weight : 9 kg

The WCS1000 system is Proel’s solution for all conference applications in small-, medium- or large-size venues where the use of a wired system is not convenient or not possible.

Thanks to the possibility to connect up to 256 microphone bases, to the wide transmission range and to the very intuitive operation the WCS1000 system provides the maximum ease of use and flexibility in a full modular and portable setup, with the need of no cables.

The WCS1000 wireless conference system includes the WCS1000RX receiver unit and two types of microphone bases, WCS1000C (chairman) e WCS1000D (delegate).

The bases are powered by lithium batteries that can be recharged using the convenient WCS1000CH portable recharging unit.

• Able to charge up to 16pcs rechargeable lithium batteries

• Universal Power RequirementAC110 ~230V

• Electronic circuit for intelligent charging

• Retractable handle and wheels for transport


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