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• 1” high-definition neodymium compression driver on a wide-dispersion 90° x 60° constant coverage horn/p>

• 8” long-excursion woofer with 1.5” voice coil

• 400 W total peak power amplifier hosted in a fully sealed aluminum box

• 50 W continuous class AB amplifier for the high frequencies

• 150 W continuous class D amplifier for the low frequencies

• Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

• Selectable MIC /LINE input with 2-band EQ

• Integrated active processor with dual CLIP LIMITER for maximum control and protection

• FRONT LED with ON or SIGNAL/CLIP selection

• SPL MAX 121 dB

• Frequency response 70 Hz – 20 kHz

• Lightweight polypropylene cabinet with extensive framing system

• Asymmetrical shape for the use also as a stage monitor

• 1 super-comfortable luggage-style top handle and two side hanldes for effortless portability

• 4 x M8 flying points for fixed installation


The V Series powered loudspeakers delivers absolute value in terms of performance, engineering and design. These ultra-portable speakers combine, in carefully engineered and light-weight cabinets, the clearest and most accurate PROEL sound with Class D amplifier technology and Switch Mode Power Supply, offering an unbeatable PA solution at its price point. All the three models feature an extremely efficient amplifier module capable of delivering 600 W of robust power to the transducers. Thanks to the use of SMPS technology, this power comes in an ultra-lightweight package, making the V models the most portable PROEL speakers ever. The power module is hosted in a fully sealed aluminum box, which provides protection, perfect insulation of the cabinet from the outside and extremely efficient cooling. Thanks to the carefully selected speakers and to the sophisticated active electronics, including dual CLIP LIMITERS for an undistorted sound even at the loudest level, the sound of the V Series has been precisely tuned in every details, in order to provide unheard performance in this price range. The V series cabinets, expression of the most advanced Italian design, include a super-comfortable luggage-style top handle for an effortless portability. The slanted shape allows the V speakers to be laid on their side and used also as stage monitors.

Tech Description

• System type : 2-way vented enclosure

• High Frequency Device : 1” neodimyium compression driver

• Low Frequency Device : 8” woofer with 1.5” voice coil

• Angular Coverage : 90° H x 60° V

• Total peak power : 400 W

• HF Amplifier Continuous Power : 50 W Class AB

• LF Amplifier Continuous Power : 150 W Class D

• Power Supply : SMPS

• Processing : Analog

• Frequency Response : 0 Hz – 20 kHz

• Max SPL : 121 dB

• Connectors : IN: COMBO, LINK: XLR M

• Controls : LEVEL, LINE/MIC selector, LOW EQ, HIGH EQ, GND LIFT, FRONT LED selector

• Monitor Taper : 45°

• Flying System : 4 x M8 – top/bottom

• Construction : Polypropylene

• Cabinet Colour : Black

• Handles : 1 x top

• Mounting Pole : 1 x bottom

• Power Supply : 230 VAC or 120 VAC 50/60 Hz with LINE VOLTAGE selector

• Dimensions (W x H x D) : 280 x 422 x 252 mm

• Weight : 7 kg


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