ยี่ห้อ : PROEL

Main Functions :

• It directly powers and controls 64 microphone stations

• President station has priority on others

• Three operating modes: FREE MODE, LIMIT MODE and FIFO MODE

• One microphone input (MIC) and one line input (LINE) for external units

• TAPE output for recordings and line output (LINE) for amplification (balanced and unbalanced)

• It allows insertion of an audio processor to the chain

• Microphone sensitivity level control

• Loudspeaker level control for the unit monitors

This conference system uses digital technologies according to the European Community’s IEC914 and ISO standards. It is composed of a main unit – CONFD – and two microphone units – Delegate (BMDD) and President (BMCD) – that feature high sensitivity, a wide frequency response, an internal loudspeaker and a cardioid electret microphone with a lighted ring for the visual identification of the microphone in use. The system is precabled to ensure fast and easy installation. The device may include up to 64 microphone stations, daisy-chained on four independent lines (or a maximum of 30 stations on each line). The system involves the use of several expansion units – EXCONFD. Every expansion unit can support up to 60 stations divided on six lines (never use more than 30 stations on each line).Adding four expansion units, the system can control up to 254 stations. The serial connection of each station is achieved through single multicore, prerouted cables that may be used either for fixed or mobile systems.


Conference Main central unit, for simple control without a conference operator in medium and small meeting rooms. The stands are equipped by monitor speakers allowing the participants to listen to the conference.

Main Functions :

• INPUT: BASES 8P-DIN sochet/n°4 BUS – MIC IN Jack stereo 6, 3 – AUX IN Unbalanced RCA

• OUTPUT: BAL OUT Balanced XLR3Male – LINE REC Unbalanced RCA

• S/N Radio: >75 dB

• Frequency Response: 20Hz-19KHz

• T.H.D.: <0,05%

• Dimensions (WxHxD): 482x90x353 mm

• 2U Rack standard 19”

• Weight 11,5Kg

• Power Consumption: 350VA

• Power supply: 230VCA 50/60Hz – 117VCA 50/60Hz (CONFD117V)


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